Production of Inert Materials SATISFACTION GUARANTEED Asphaltic Road Construction Production of Inert Materials SATISFACTION GUARANTEED Asphaltic Road Construction



Why Choose Us.

Our experience through our many years of presence in the field of inert material extraction and asphalt paving, responsibility and consistency, selection of reliable partners and flexibility in problem solving are the elements that distinguish the company and have contributed to building a long-term relationship of trust. and cooperation with many of its customers, making our company a valuable partner.


Excellent Experience in the Asphaltic Road Construction and the Production of Inert Materials.

  • • Our company undertakes public and private projects serving both professionals and individuals in the field of asphalt paving. We carry out asphalt paving of all kinds on main roads, alleys, but also on dirt roads and rural roads, as well as strengthening and repairing the roads.
  • • Our quarries produce excellent quality aggregates suitable for private and public road construction projects. (3A (A Grade), 3A (B Grade), Sand, Black Sand, Gravel (3mm), Gravel (5mm), Mosaic, Skyra, Explosion Stone, Building Stone, Debris Stone, Boulders (1+ tons), Asphaltic) .
  • • With the material recycling service, the quarry obeys the requirements of global environmental sensitivity and aligns its business development with its social responsibility in the areas of the environment and sustainable development.


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